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Contraceptive Counseling


With unwanted pregnancy leading to maternal mortality and morbidity becoming the order of the day, the need for birth control has increased wildly. Contraception is basically family planning and birth control.

However, indiscriminate use and consumption could attract grave consequences. Contraceptive counseling is a meeting with a medical professional during which fertility and pregnancy options are discussed to help a woman choose what birth-control pills to consume, as well as when, how and for how long she should consume them.

To discuss your fertility and birth-control options, visit Progressive Women’s Health where top professionals will give you maximum attention and provide specific advice based on your needs, plans and body type.

Types of Contraception

Contraceptive Methods differ and the options are numerous, but five basic categories cover them all. They are:

Hormonal Contraception

In this category are birth control pills, patch or vaginal ring. There are different kinds of pills, some contain both estrogen and progestin while some others contain only the latter.

This variety is important because some women have experienced side-effects when they consumed estrogen pills and less of such reactions when they consumed progestin-only contraceptive pills.

Barrier Methods

As the name implies, this method works to form an obstacle between the sperm and the egg to prevent fertilization. It also functions to prevent the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). It is however only 99% accurate.

Some barrier methods include condoms, diaphragms, sponges and spermicides.

Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)

They are small contraceptive devices, which are inserted by gynecologists in the vagina to prevent pregnancy. It's important that the insertion is done by a professional to avoid complications. This is where visiting Progressive Women’s Health, PLLC becomes important.

Once inserted, the Intrauterine device can remain in place for several years before requiring replacement. If a woman, however, decides to get pregnant, she would simply need to contact a professional and have the IUD removed to allow fertilization and eventual pregnancy.

An IUD could either be a hormonal IUD or a non-hormonal Copper IUD.


It is the safest but most difficult means of birth control. This is so because, while abstaining from sexual intercourse would surely prevent pregnancy without any health complications or risk of failure, it is difficult for most persons of sexually active ages to abstain from engaging in sex, especially vaginal sex.

Emergency Contraception

This includes after-morning pills, which a woman consumes after having sex in order to terminate the fertilization process. This is, however, not fool-proof. When taken within five days after having unprotected sex, emergency contraception can be very effective in preventing conception.

Who is Contraceptive Counselling For?

Mothers who want to stop having kids, teenagers and youths who want to have sex without worrying about pregnancy, parents who want to advise their kids, women on a particular contraceptive method who wish to change methods, sex education teachers, counselors, etc. all need contraceptive counseling from a professional.

This service is available at Progressive Women’s Health PLLC. Visit us today.

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