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The Benefits of Our Telehealth Services

Between work obligations, finding a sitter, and not wanting to share a space with patients who may be sick, there are many reasons you may wish for an easier and safer way to visit your doctor. At Progressive Women’s Health in Friendswood, Texas, our team understands, which is why we offer telehealth services and virtual visits with our board-certified OB/GYN, Asia Mohsin, MD, and other members of our care team.  

If you’ve never tried a telehealth visit before, keep reading to learn how telemedicine works and the many benefits it brings.

What is telehealth? 

Telehealth, also referred to as telemedicine, is the same high-quality health care you expect and deserve, only it’s enabled by technology that allows providers and patients to connect more conveniently. Although it may happen over the phone, telehealth frequently involves the use of video and chat capabilities. 

In the decades since its inception as a way to serve rural patients who had a difficult time making it into town to visit their provider, telehealth has exploded and is now available to almost everyone. 

Not every condition can be treated or diagnosed via telehealth, but many common health care concerns don’t require an in-person visit or physical exam. This allows Dr. Mohsin to diagnose and treat you for many issues from the comfort of your home. 

What’s involved with a telehealth appointment?

At Progressive Women’s Health, we strive to make telehealth appointments easy and accessible. Simply request an appointment using our online tool or by contacting the office. Then, Dr. Mohsin calls you during your scheduled appointment time, and you discuss your symptoms and concerns together. 

While not all services at Progressive Women’s Health are available through telehealth, Dr. Mohsin can answer many OB/GYN-related questions, concerns, and conditions, including the following:

You can show Dr. Mohsin any visible issues using a camera from your tablet, phone, or computer. Sometimes Dr. Mohsin must perform a physical exam or review further testing or imaging. In these cases, she discusses these findings with you and helps you schedule a follow-up appointment. 

What are the benefits of using telehealth services?

One of the biggest benefits telehealth medicine provides is convenience. Regardless of whether you’re too far away to easily come in for a visit, busy with work or family obligations, or trying to stay safe during COVID-19, our telehealth visits provide you with access to Dr. Mohsin and our practice from your home or any location of your choosing via your phone, computer, or tablet.

Telehealth appointments offer many other benefits in addition to convenience. Here’s a look at some of the advantages of using our telehealth services:

Save time and money

With telehealth, you save the gas or transportation costs involved and don’t spend time driving across town or in a waiting room.

Telehealth is covered by insurance

Most states require the coverage of telehealth, and in 2021, more states than ever have expanded existing telehealth coverage requirements (including Texas!), and Medicare patients also now have easier access to telemedicine.

Reduced exposure to contagions

Telehealth appointments protect your health by limiting your exposure to contagions, such as COVID-19 and the flu — something especially important to our expecting patients and those at higher risk.

It’s no wonder telehealth popularity is rising rapidly. If you haven’t tried a telehealth visit, Progressive Women’s Health makes it easy to start. To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone with Progressive Women’s Health today.

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