Unable to Visit Our Office Because of COVID-19? Try Our Telehealth Services!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping your distance from others is one of the best ways to stay healthy. But what happens if you have a pressing OB/GYN health question and need to see your doctor?

At Progressive Women’s Health in Friendswood, Texas, board-certified OB/GYN Asia Mohsin, MD, offers telehealth medicine to help you get the care you need during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. In this blog, Dr. Mohsin explains how telehealth services provide an excellent way to connect with your OB/GYN while minimizing your risk of contracting or spreading the virus.

Our telehealth services put you first 

Even without the added stressors and strains that come with a global pandemic, access to health care isn’t always easy. You may find it difficult to get an appointment time that works with your busy schedule, or find it challenging to arrange childcare for the duration of your office visit, or simply struggle to get to and from the office.  

Our telehealth services offer a way to meet with your provider on your terms. With a simple phone call or tap on the screen of your device, you can talk with Dr. Mohsin as if you were in the office, but without the need to leave your home. 

With telehealth services at Progressive Women’s Health, you receive the high-quality care you deserve without increasing your risk of contracting or spreading a contagious illness, such as COVID-19. 

Our telehealth services offer a convenient way for you to: 

You can also schedule a telehealth visit to receive lifestyle and nutrition education and to discuss any other relevant OB/GYN matter with Dr. Mohsin in a safe and secure environment. 

Scheduling a telehealth appointment

To book a telehealth appointment with Dr. Mohsin at Progressive Women’s Health, simply call our office to schedule an appointment time or request an appointment using our online tool. At the appointed time, Dr. Mohsin connects with you, so you can discuss your questions and concerns. 

If you have any health issues or problems you can show Dr. Mohsin using a photo or camera, you can do so during your appointment. If Dr. Mohsin determines you need a physical examination or that further testing or imaging studies are necessary, she can help you schedule the appropriate in-office appointment.  

If COVID-19 has you sheltering in place, take advantage of the convenient and secure telehealth services at Progressive Women’s Health. To learn more, call 281-993-4072 today. You can also book an appointment online.

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