Understanding the Causes of Irregular Menstruation and Best Treatment Options

Every woman is different; especially when it comes to her period. Some women are like clockwork. Their period comes the same day every single month. Then, there are other women who experience infrequent and random periods.

Irregular menstruation affects 14%-25% of women. And it’s more serious than you might realize. Women with irregular menstruation can experience heavy bleeding, mood swings, and extreme cramping. Not only are these symptoms hard to manage, but they make it difficult to enjoy life.

Do you suffer from abnormal periods? Don’t wait another month. Find the cause of your irregular menstruation and take back your life.

What’s irregular menstruation?

The average period comes every 28 days and lasts two-seven days. Irregular periods are either shorter than 24 days or longer than 38 days. They can also vary from month to month. Odds are, if you experience irregular menstruation, you never know when or if your period is going to come.

Excessive bleeding is another sign of menstrual irregularity. Especially if you have a very, very heavy flow. You might think it's normal to go through a pad or tampon every 30 minutes. But it’s not. It could actually be a sign of menorrhagia - heavy menstrual bleeding.

The good news? Once you understand your irregular menstruation, you can work to fix it.

What causes irregular menstruation?

What causes irregular menstruation? A lot of things. Ovarian cysts, fibroids, and endometritis, are medical conditions that can cause painful and irregular periods.

In some cases, a change in menstruation can mean you're pregnant. Although, vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is typically lighter than a “normal period.”

Some women who experience irregular menstruation are entering menopause. Not to mention, sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea and chlamydia can also cause irregular periods.

Do you see what we mean? There are several reasons why you might experience irregular menstruation. And some reasons are simpler than others. That's why understanding your specific cause is so crucial.

What are the best treatments for irregular menstruation?

Whether it's hormones, endometritis, STD’s, an ovarian cyst, or something completely different. There's a treatment plan for your irregular menstruation.

At Progressive Women’s Health, Dr. Asia Mohsin finds the cause of your irregular menstruation to ensure you get the correct treatment. So, what are you waiting for?

Do you have painful periods? Excessive bleeding? Unpredictable menstrual cycles? Stop letting your period control you! Contact Progressive Women’s Health here or call, 281-993-4072 for an appointment with Dr. Asia Mohsin.

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